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Your Data is our Priority

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DCDE is a Technology Property focused on it’s customers and Vendors to manage IT environments close to the Data Center. DCDE welcomes IT Services companies to install and manage clientele. DCDE is not an IT Services provider. It relies on it’s vendors and customers to manage “In Rack” services. The facility also welcomes call center applications and office suite’s for IT services. The property has 15 acres of expansion land and additional buildings planned for this expansion capacity.

Amenities and Resources

The DCDE Facility has considerable amenities focused on “In house” vendor and customer comfort. A large cafeteria/game room area and private IT working areas are enjoyed by tenants and vendors. Shipments and deliveries are received at our full service dock in the rear of the building. 1500kVA of Temp power is available in the test bay facility for testing of deployments and rack testing. Rack shipments, box shipments etc. can be received and broken down in these areas prior to entering data halls. Private locked warehouse cages are available for storage of tools, equipment and staged deployments.


Data Center Facilities

The DCDE facility has various accommodations for the half rack user, Private cage, Private Access Suite, to larger Data Hall deployments. The facility is equipped with flexible power and mechanical distribution systems. Higher density deployments are welcome. A network Operations Center (NOC) Oversees the operation of the site. There are also NOC areas available for tenant use, as well as Workspace Recovery areas for Disaster Recovery seating plans. Shell areas up to 36,000SF available for all sized data hall deployments. Up to 17MW power availability and multiple power grid options. The facility is truly flexible for all data center applications.

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Carrier, Security, and Access


The fortified concrete facility provides separation of different Data Center and facility areas. Two Carrier Meet-Me-Rooms are located in separate points of the building. Each MMR is fed from different geographical direction north and south. Direct Carrier connections built into facility including Madison MUFN direct network connection to downtown. Fortified access hallways allow for future expansion during use, and general accommodation to technology changes during the life of a data center deployment. Security Office with separate security trap areas for different customer access points.

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